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Tools, tools, tools
Cecil Be D'Mill
Hardy Hardinge
Upside down, rightside up
Slip 'n slide
A Pressing Problem
Press? Brake? Tomato? Tomahto?
Brake it...
Shear Delight
Suck it up!
Oddball tool restoration articles

TBX-2 dynamotor
Dynamotor maintenance
Variable B+ dynamotor
Coax connectors
C-29/ARC-5 Control Refurb
Navy ATB Shock Mount
One of the oldies - the BC-307
Command set capacitor refurb
Flex tuning cable fabrication
AN/ART-13 mount fabrication
AN/ART-13 line shaft crank
RC-12 BFO mount fab
BC-312 Coax Antenna Plug
GO-9 transmitter mounts
T-17/ARC-5 Tx repairs
RAX-1 receiver mounting rails (NEW)
RAX-1 receiver mounting bridges
B-29 Cockpit Fan
Bendix AE11089 Antenna Terminal

The hard ones
Tray Tinkering

Maintenance Procedures

Machine Shop
Here are some of the machine tools that have proven useful to fabricate damaged or missing parts from WWII avionics equipment. They often threaten to form a diversionary pursuit of time here at AAFRadio, a sort of secondary collection and restoration effort in their own right. The last link leads to some articles on tool restoration and maintenance that may be helpful.

Latest projects
Just a sampling of techniques and work necessary to restore these old radios and peripherals.

Challenges in metal
What to do when you don't have a 50 ton die press, and other horrifying fabrication attempts.

Stray Dogs and Cats
A collection of manual excepts and "how to" pieces that have no central focus other than WWII aircraft radios.

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