WWII avionics documents
Maintenance Center

USAAF/Navy service bulletins
The 800-1 Inverter (scream city)
Voltage regulator adjustment
USAAF Aircraft connectors 19 Nov 1943

Manuals and Manual Excerpts
BC-191/BC-375 Antenna Relay Sequence Tool
AM-14/APT Class B Linear (jammers) (7MB)
AN/ARC-18 & AN/ARC-28 VHF Relays
AN/APA-6 Pulse Analyzer info
BC-347 Interphone amp and application info
Bendix RA-1B receiver info
Western Electric WE-13C Transmitter info
Yardeny C-131/ARC-5 autotuner info
ARC-5 console type control box info
AN/APQ-2 jammer info
Aircraft Temperature Indicator info
Flux Gate Compass
AN/APA-48 Homing Adapter
AN/ANQ-2 acetate disk recorder
AN/ARR-1/Navy ZB-3 homing rcvr manual
Navy YE/ZB history - Naval Research Lab
Navy ZB-* homing receiver decoding card
Navy GP-7 transmitter
Navy RL-7 interphone amplifier
Navy ATD transmitter
Packard Bell Model K-1 Mic Preamp
DU-1 Direction Finding Loop info
1936 NRL Aircraft Radio Training (RDF) SCR-**-183/283 component interchangeability
SCR-AR-183/283 manual (complete - 6MB)
Oscillator RC-12 (BC-RC-183) 2.5MB
Tuning Coil Sets for SCR-183/283 Radio Sets C-184 Tuning Coil for SCR-183 transmitters
Antenna Coupling Unit CU-92/APN for LORAN
BC-946 manual (complete - 940kB)

Schematics and diagrams
Navy RAX-1 receiver schematics & parts
Bendix TA-2J component schematics
Bendix TA-12B component schematics
Full ART-13A schematic
ARC-5 HF manual Figure 8-55 configurations
Tunable VHF ARC-5 receiver schematic
Tunable VHF ARC-5 transmitter schematic
Tunable VHF ARC-5 antenna relay schematic
ARC "command set" Test Set use & schematics
AN/ARN-7 schematic
SCR-269 schematic
R-45/ARR-7 schematic
R-44/ARR-5 schematic
AN/ARR-15 schematics
Navy ARB schematic
Navy ATB schematic
Navy ATD schematic
Navy GP-7 schematic
AN/ARR-15 schematics
BC-307 transmitter schematic
BC-224-A schematic and wiring diagrams
DZ-2 schematic diagram
ARC-2A schematic diagram
ARC-2 schematic diagram
APR-5AX schematic diagram
APR-5AY schematic diagram

Operational Notes and Data
RU/GF set connectors
SCR-274N relay timing notes
Aircraft HF Antenna Design
Aircraft Antenna Insulators
Navy aircraft radio compliment list (ca. 1935)
Navy aircraft radio compliment list (ca. 1943)
Early Navy & GF-1, GF-2, and RU-3 (ca. 1936)
1936 Navy trailing wire antenna reels and wire
WWII Countermeasures equipment (Oct 1944)
TS-164/BC-221 Frequency Meter Pair
Introductory article on ATB/ARB deployment
Azon and Razon Guided Missile design notes
Carbon Microphone Characteristics ca. 1943
NDRC Div. 17 Summary Report, Interphone Systems ca. 1946
PB4Y-2 Line Maintenance Manual photos
Unsatisfactory Report Digest for May 1944
Tunable VHF ARC-5 set performance curves
Signal Corps Aircraft Plugs and Connectors 1943
1941 Bendix Aircraft Radio brochure (10MB)
Operational Suitability of the Radio Equipment in the B-29 Airplane (40MB)
Sept 1945 Airborne Electrical Maintenance Notes - AC portion (25MB) (NEW)

Completely off-topic
Jensen G-610 Loudspeaker documents

This is a collection from various sources on documents or "tips" on somewhat arcane pieces of equipment in the WWII avionics maintenance scene. This section contains items of interest gleaned from manuals, service bulletins, and the like.

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