Tool Restoration Articles and information

In other parts of the Garaj Mahal page, some before/after photos are included in individual coverage for a couple of the machines in the AAFRadio shop, like the bar folder and compound press. However, below are some other pieces of data, as well as odd contributions I've made to the home shop machining community over the years:

Hardinge spindle bearing replacement (an expansion of Mark Wieber's excellent procedure, but focused on the HLV-H lathe)

Hardinge HD-1 dial indicator mount description, with rough dimensions

Bridegeport rotary table dismantling and cleaning

Bridgeport original X axis feed drive exploded view

Hardinge L-2A Tool Setting Gauge

1961 Hardinge HLV-H Wiring Diagram (This is a cleaned up version of the wiring diagram blueprint contained in the door pocket of the lathe switchgear compartment.)

Blake Coaxial Indicator instructions

Hardinge D14 and L9 Radius Turning Attachment for HLV-H

The documents that follow are those sent to me by various members of the home machining community to host in this common location for ease in finding them. They are shown with attribution (when known) for the donor's generosity.

Hardinge HV-4N 5C Collet Indexing Fixture, donated by Jim Caudill

Bridgeport Right Angle Milling Head, donor unknown

Bridgeport Quill Master Assembly, donor unknown

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