Oldie but goodie

The older they are, the more likely improper storage conditions have damaged these lovely old radios. Here's one example, of a GE BC-307-A aircraft transmitter - the date on the tag is 9/12/1936, though they were manufactured in a -B model up through 1942. The scale may be misleading to those who are familiar with the BC-375 sized transmitters - this little thing is only 14" tall!

The frequency tuning charts were made out of .038" aluminum, with black silk screened lettering on them. On top of this transmitter can be seen one of the blank charts that have been reproduced on the mill prior to silk screening. Another kind restorer loaned an original to copy, along with scanned copies of all the charts available. That willingness to help is a hallmark of the community that is dedicated to conserving this old equipment.

Actually, this particular example is not as bad as it looks. The external panels will need to be repainted, unfortunately, which means all the engraving will have to be done again, but internally it is in pretty nice shape.

The shock mount is quite another problem. Fabrication of the tray for this piece is covered on another page - under "The Hard Ones." It looks very similar to the one used on the BC-375 transmitter, except quite a bit smaller.
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