Command Set Chassis Connector Tools

Like most guys, I've always had an admiration for tools, especially those which might be considered the "ultimate" of the breed. The tools below, an altogether too generous gift from a friend, are representative of that standard - they were designed during the war to install and remove the accursed retaining rings on the ARC-5 chassis connectors, and have original ARC part numbers engraved on them. Three of these tools sets are required to cover the size range for the command sets. The collets are jewels of machining - they have three hinged tabs that have sawteeth on the tip, and withdraw radially beyond the circular seat for the ring via a lever. Turning the lever closes the three sets of sawteeth on the serrated connector ring, and then you just screw the ring right on (or off...) Everything is easier when you have the perfect tool for the job...

Closeup of serrated teeth that match up to knurling on the connector ring.

Like all manufacturers, ARC designed their own specialty tools for particular tasks. Some of them, like the two below, have uses that are lost to antiquity. The first appears to be some sort of ring tightening tool, or perhaps a loom of some sort. The second is obviously some sort of crimping tool, but whether it is for wiring or sheet metal is a mystery. If anyone recognizes their purpose, I would appreciate a shout.

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