Atlas Arbor Press

Picked up in sad shape (see photo above), this circa 1942 Atlas compound arbor press was just the thing needed to press bearings on and off, as well as setting rivets of various types. Fitting right into the WWII motif in which I work so much, it still had a wartime oval brass toolroom tag on it. Said tag was cleaned up and polished before reinstallation, of course - you can see it peeking out on the column at the left of the picture. This same Model 2 arbor press is still being made today, essentially unchanged, by the Dake Corporation. They still call it the "Model 2"! Sometimes there's no reason to change something that works so well.

The large horizontal pin with the groove at upper left is matched by another one barely seen to its right. By sliding these pins left and right, one can change the operation of the press from a straight rack and pinion motion to one with slower movement but increased leverage and thus higher force for a given pull on the handle. This is where the term "compound" comes from. This particular one is rated at 6 tons.

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