ATB and ARB Introduction to the Fleet

Below is an article contained in the Navy Radio & Sound Bulletin No. 8 dated 1 October 1942, describing the "new" replacement for the GF and RU radio set. It is astonishing that the Navy had not chosen a general coverage superheterodyne set for liason use until 1942, while the USAAC/USAAF fielded theirs in 1936 with the BC-224-A. Perhaps through coincidence, both the initial ARB and BC-224-A were built by RCA. There were, to be sure, single band or limited frequency range sets like the RAT and ARA command receivers, as well as the RAX-1 triplets, but they were intended for niche markets and didn't fill the general coverage role very well.

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The schematic for the ARB is below:

The schematic for the ATB is below:

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