AN/ARC-5 HF Manual Figure 8-55 Configuration Sheets 1 through 9

Like many folks, I have long had original manuals for most of my equipment, but the fragility of 70 year old paper is beginning to dictate increased use of computer-based manuals before the original pages start falling out. One of the frustrating aspects of trying to follow an on-line version of the AN/ARC-5 HF manual is most often encountered in viewing the Figure 8-55 configuration diagrams in the eighth chapter of the manual. While I am incredibly grateful for the kind souls who scan and place these manuals on open websites, the large foldouts necessarily chopped to fit into 8-1/2" x 11" sheets make tracing a single line problematical - at least for someone with my eyesight. The nine sheets below (from AN 16-30ARC5-2) will hopefully make the task easier. This particular version is available on several websites and is a very good scan. If anyone knows the person who originally made this available, I will be delighted to give him credit. By the way, it helps to have a wide monitor - a 23" or 24" diagonal screen makes following cables relatively simple.

You can right click on any of the images to view or save them at full size, which has a 3,267 pixel vertical size.

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