Navy Aircraft Radio Equipment as of 1935

For many years - certainly in the 1930s and 1940s - the various types of equipment used in Naval platforms were lumped into individual categories to assist in logistics support. One of these categories was called "Radio and Sound", and in fact a fairly breezy quarterly newsletter called the "Radio and Sound Bulletin" was eventually sent out to the fleet with news of all kinds, from operational problems/solutions, to reviews of new equipment coming into the inventory, to mailing addresses for manuals and the like. The two pages below seem to have that same flavor, though they also appear to be part of a larger publication instead of a stand-alone pamphlet as was the custom by the late 1930s. In any case, the excerpt below provides a fascinating tour of the types of aircraft radio equipment in use during 1935, including a schedule for future deliveries into 1936.

Generously provided to the community by Phil McCoy, W3SAK

1935 Navy Radio Gear

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