Enola Gay Avionics Descriptions

The following descriptions were built for a specific purpose - to form the basis of narratives for a future interactive tour planned by the Smithsonian for the NASM web site. As such, they are not intended to be technically exhaustive, nor comprehensive from an historical standpoint. The narratives are to eventually help support 'point and click' capabilities for NASM web visitors who want to know "What's that thingie for, and what does it do?" It is a work in progress and not complete.

Radio Operator's Position

Weaponeer's Position

Navigator's Position

Countermeasures Position

Bombardier's Position

Pilot's Position

Copilot's Position

Radar Operator's Position

Flight Engineer's Position

Starboard Side Antenna Descriptions

Port Side Antenna Descriptions

Although not strictly an avionics item per se, enough requests for bomb bay details have come in to include them in a separate window:

Bomb bay views

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