Exterior antennas - left side

The majority of the antennas on the Enola Gay are shown in Exterior antennas - right side,) but there are two which are not seen in that view.

Port side antennas

The IFF (Identification, Friend or Foe) antenna is part of what is called a transponder system. It receives an electronic query from a radar scanning the plane and responds with a set of codes, identifying the aircraft as friendly. Failure to reply would classify the blip as "foe" and subject to interception.

The other antenna, near the tail, is actually another wire antenna about six feet long, and is used in conjunction with what is called the "radio range" system. A closeup is shown below. A special marker beacon receiver was used to indicate the moment of flying over a beacon, which is the white cone antenna commonly seen at many airports today. This provided a precise location to signal the pilot of a navigation point when following the other component of the radio range - a sort of "pathways in the sky" system.

Port side marker beacon receiver antenna