Wish list: September 1, 2017

Most of the photos below can be enlarged with a right click of your mouse.

The following two items are my #1 pursuits:

C-187/ARQ-11 control/junction box (75lbs! - contains three heavy filter chokes and a bunch of connectors on front panel.)

R-21/ARQ-11 Receiver and five plug-in tuning units

Unfortunately, I have no photos of these items, but they have a unique look to them in two areas - the front panels are black anodized aluminum with a thin silver border, and the handles on the front panels all share the same construction as shown on the modulator below. The cadmium plating often turns black over time. Note the hex nuts brazed in where the handles are fastened to the panel - these are common to all the ARQ-11 piece parts. I also need any associated manuals or other documents on the system. The other parts of the system are shown here.



SCR-183 pieces needed:

BC-AE-'whatever' for SCR-AE-183 set:
BC-AE-229 receiver especially needed! (note flat frequency dial) (Either BC-AE-229 or BC-AF-229 would be fine.)

BD-AE-83 dynamotor

BC-AE-232 transmitter control box

TM-AE-172 junction box

VT-52 globe tube for the BC-AE-230 transmitter. Have trades.

E-4/AE loop antenna control box (possibly made by Fairchild Aerial Camera. The rest of the set is shown here.)


For AN/ARC-5:

CBY-21400 12 volt dynamotor for RAT receiver. The motor is painted gloss black, and the base is painted with black wrinkle:


MT-66/ARC-5 four receiver rack or MT-67/ARC-5 shock mount


C-25/ARC-5 loop control knob (has long pointer bar knob as on RU/GF control boxes):


ARC 7491 Local Ant/Loop control knob (looks like a downsized local tuning knob without the spinner):


T-89/ARC-5 VHF transmitter (100-125Mc)
Looks like normal command transmitter except for differences shown below. (The rest of the set is shown here.):

Miscellaneous needed:

MT-971/U lower tray for ARC-65/ARC-21 transceiver shock mount

C-733/ARR-15 control box (have entire control head but I'm missing the sidelit Plexiglas panel on front)

CRV-23313 or CRV-23314 control boxes ("a Unit of ATB")

C-333/ARC-28 control box (looks similar to an ARC-5 control box)

Bendix MS-44 transmitter control box

ECM Equipment:

AN/APR-3 receiver or tuning units

ID-59/APA-11 parts unit oscilloscope (power supply needed) (not APA-11A)

AN/ARR-8 or -8A panoramic receiver (uses 5" scope tube, not 3" like the later ARR-8B)


MX-232A/APA-23 Tuner head assembly (gear drive adapter for chart recorder) and MT-439/AP Tuning Knob Bracket for APA-23:






C-59/APT-3 control box
AN/APT-10 mainframe