Resistance is futile...

Trust me, I really did try my very best not to build this bay, but then I suppose one could say that about any of the bays in the "flight deck". However, a slow, extremely erratic accretion of oddball but technologically important mid-1930s pieces has finally forced me to do something with them. A bit more room created in a move from basement to outbuilding helped the prospects enough to make me start thinking in a more positive way about the work involved. The result is showing up here, though it is under construction and it will be some time before final locations of equipment on each shelf are determined (through a very scientific approach called "try it there for a while and see how it works").

Until then, here is a sneak peek, at least of the principal rigs going into this bay. Like everything in this hobby, there is no Gantt chart for progress nor target for completion, just a vague hope that it will occur sometime out there in the future "before too long". Nothing has been restored at the moment, so what you see is what it looks like going into this adventure. As progress is made, I'll replace the pretty sad looking place-holder photos with finished appearance.

RCA BC-224-A Aircraft Receiver    The very first BC-348

BC-189 Receiever and BC-307-A Aircraft Transmitter    A couple of interesting sets from the 1930s

SCR-AE-183 Aircraft Set    The progenitor to the famous WWII command sets

SCR-274N command set    The set every U.S. radio amateur has seen at one time or another in his life

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