SCR-274N Command Set

Okay, I know that the set below isn't 1930's vintage, but I couldn't figure out a decent place to put it, other than the future bay I'm making to accommodate the pre-1940 sets. It represents probably one of the best known of all the "command sets" simply because so many folks saw and bought them after the war. It has a lot of similarities to the AN/ARC-5 set, but there are subtle differences - the lack of a fully functional AVC in the receivers being just one of them. The original plan for this set involved a roll-around rack to take to hamfests just to stimulate conversation and for others to enjoy, but there has been a reduction in the number and size of this grand tradition, and my QTH relocation has diminished the availability and convenience of getting to the larger hamfests, so here we are.

SCR-274N command set

This is the entire SCR-274N set, with a couple of uncommon four unit racks and shock trays. It will look more organized when everything is mounted in the bay. Receivers were typically mounted underneath a radio operator's table, transmitters above where he could see them, mostly because the receivers have remote control boxes that have slave frequency indication dials and gain controls on them.

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