TA-12B Transmitter

The example below is the TA-12B model, which differs from the more common -C model only by the frequency range. It was primarily used for shorter range HF comms in light aircraft. It is shown with its MT-51C control box, MT-31C tuning meter, MS-14AB junction box, and MT-66A dummy load (partially seen at top right. The dummy load is adjusted to simulate the trailing wire antenna of whatever aircraft is being used at the time. (The radio compass is just perched there for scale.) Unseen behind the transmitter is its MP-28BA dynamotor/modulator, and an MT-53B MF antenna tuning coil. I need to add another layer to the rack, obviously...

MS-14AB junction box. This was supplied without holes to permit customization in the particular airframe. Be aware that these boxes were supplied in several sizes - only the suffix changed to confuse the innocent.

MT-53B MF antenna tuning coil

The mating receiver used by the Navy for this transmitter is normally a Bendix RA-10, but that is detailed over on the Navigation page, as it was also used as a DF receiver.

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