RA-1B Receiver

The receiver most often listed as the mate to the TA-2J in the Navy aircraft compliment tables was the RA-1B above. Possibly the only continuous general coverage receiver Bendix made until well after the war, it was compact and very popular with commercial airlines. (Their other wartime receivers all had spotty band coverage for specific purposes.) I noticed one at the Dayton hamfest a few years ago with a United Airlines tag on it. This particular unit shows the matching dynamotor to its right. Like a number of the local control Bendix sets designed in the 1930's (the original manual is dated 1938), a toggle switch in the "down" position was considered "on". This rather interesting convention reflected the British human factors influence on the design concept. The strange structure to the right of the tuning dial is a dial light. The schematic and other information is shown at RA-1B Manual Excerpts

MR-1J remote control. This was a modification of the MR-1B remote control that had a slightly different set of bands - possibly for airline use.
I have only seen one photo of the RA-1J receiver for this set of bands.

TA-2J and RA-1B dynamotor set

This is the rather bulky MP-10 dynamotor set designed for the transmitter/receiver pair. The small dynamotor to the right is a DM-33 command set transmitter dynamotor for scale.

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