Navy GF-1, GF-2, and RU-3 Radio Equipment ca. 1936

These excerpts are from a Naval Research Laboratory "pamphlet" (over an inch thick!) dated 20 August 1936 that formed the basis for a series of less comprehensive training manuals later in the 1930s and WWII. The term "less comprehensive" is only from the standpoint that this document is actually presented at a fairly sophisticated engineering level, and the content was gradually "dumbed down" in later versions to meet the needs of wartime technicians going through schools in the thousands. It provides an interesting snapshot into the early RU/GF components that supplements the manuals, especially in the coordination aspect. Below is the cover of this document, and links to the individual pdf files.

GF-1 Aircraft Transmitter (2.39MB)

GF-2 Aircraft Transmitter (2.41MB)

RU-2A Aircraft Receiver (2MB)

RU-3 Aircraft Receiver (2MB)

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