AN/ART-2 "Pad" jammer

This 50 watt barrage jammer was targeted at Japanese walkie-talkie traffic in the 21-50MHz region, designed to be flown in carrier-based fighter aircraft. The equipment is essentially a superregeneration "Dina" (DIrect Noise Amplification) jammer using a 931 electron multiplier tube as the source of random noise, which is successively amplified by a quenched (blocking) oscillator using an 811 vacuum tube to generate noncoherent (random-phase) pulses having a duration of about 2 microseconds and a frequency of about 80kps. The bandwidth is from 0.25 to 0.5MHz. A short (10MHz cut) fighter aircraft antenna is used as the load antenna. The DY-15/AR dynamotor for the high voltage B+ is contained within the case, and powers a pair of 813s in the power amplifier as well as the 811 blocking oscillator and noise tube.

Front of the transmitter. The "lamp" controls on the front panel refers to the light for the photomultiplier tube.

Top view of the transmitter. Also shown is the RE-9/ART-2 antenna transfer relay that permitted use of the short fighter HF wire antenna when needed.
The dynamotor is located in a box under the four ballast tubes at the rear of the transmitter.

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